Street Dreams is the Arts and Activities portion of CleanSlateLA introducing youth in South Central and the San Gabriel Valley to the Arts. We believe as our Street Dreams Founders Doris LaFrenais does, that the arts are a way to encourage growth and imagination among our disadvantaged youth. Stay tuned for events and activities that will shape the future of this program and the youth we impact.

The StreetDreamLA team is comprised of wonderful volunteers wishing to give back to the community.

We are very grateful for their time and service along with that of our many volunteers, past and current donors. Without them, none of our programs would be able to happen or would have grown at a slow pace.

Our program go into segments of our communities that are seldom visited so that oppressed youth can thrive in spite of their financial obstacles. If you are interested in giving so that they may participate in the Arts and escape their community violence, please feel free to do so on this page.

This website will continue to be updated so that you can see the fruit of your gifts and stay updated with the progress of the youth that you sponsor. We hope to continue as pioneers in the field of youth empowerment as more people follow the trail that has been blazed and mental health issues become normalized througout the world.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have regarding sponsoring or participating in our programs. We welcome everybody with open arms.

The CleanSlateLA Staff