Youth Empowerment

In 2007 we were privileged to have Street Dreams a Youth community arts program join the CleanSlate community of programs. Thanks to Doris La Frenais and her undying hope for youth and their future.

Street Dreams has been the catalyst for many events and programs that have enriched the lives of youth in our Los Angeles Communities. Music, photography, poetry, spoken word, sports and Art all have a great impact on the way youth feel about themselves and how they function at school and at home.

Doris La Frenais and her many friends and husband Ian have tirelessly supported our efforts on behalf of the youth who represent an under served population. CleanSlate a proud member of the Violence Prevention Coalition is driven to give youth an outlet that is free from violence and self-harm. It is because of your support many of our youth have chosen college as a real alternative.

Our Services

  • Deeksha Meditation/Spiritual Healing
  • Youth Empowerment Group/Rage Resolution
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Music
  • Art/Photography
  • Watts/LGBTQI Empowerment